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Elcon is a leading supplied of terrestrial and satellite TV systems for the reception and distribution of radio and TV signals at sea. 

For 50 years Elcon has supplied thousands of ships with entertainment systems. TV AT SEA and for all kinds of SHIPS and PLATFORMS - it be commercial ships, cruisers, ferries, luxury yatchs, naval vessels or offshore installations.

ELCON entertaiment systems are based upon state of art satellite TV antennas, and our high-tech products and engineering skills gives you access to information from all over the world onboard your ship.

ELCON goal is to be the leading global innovator of Entertainment, Communication & Surveillance solutions within the  Marine Industry. ELCON delivers professional solutions that enable the professional industries to build infrastructures to deliver revenue  generating or cost saving services. ELCON has for 50 years supplied thousands of ships with entertainment systems.

ELCON provides TV AT SEA for all kinds of SHIPS and PLATFORMS. Antenna systems have been designed for all 
kinds of ships - it be commercial ships, cruisers, ferries, luxury yachts, naval vessels or offshore installations.
ELCON entertainment system is based upon state of the art satellite antennas. ELCON high-tech products and 
engineering skill give you access to magnificent adventures and information from all over the world onboard your ship - nearly like being comfortable at home in front of your TV set.

All our systems - TV systems, external and internal communication systems benefit from our care in development and  selection of products, our high technology and our skilled engineers. It is ELCON’s constant ambition and will also in the future be our ambition to offer our clients the best quality for reception of radio and TV and for communication onboard.

Elcon is anxious to guide you in finding the right solutions matching the geographical operating area of your vessel. 
ELCON commits itself to give our customers total satisfaction. ELCON has the talents and capacity.

Company overview

ELCON is one of the market leaders in the provision of Reception & Distribution of audio, data and video across various networks including broadband, cable, satellite, terrestrial, IP and telecom.
Headquartered in Denmark, ELCON employs highly skilled and knowledgeable people, and has service operations in  Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA. ELCON is a privately owned company. Open solutions address different market  needs ELCON's open solutions enable the delivery of special solutions and have been developed to address the needs of companies operating within specific sectors. Committed to open systems, the company's solutions are based on international standards. Across its business ELCON continues its commitment to total solutions provision.


Our Customers problems are our problems. ELCON is well known to be very responsive to their Customers design  needs, when it comes to designing special and non-standard solutions, their Service is superior. ELCON is committed to our projects and will follow-up and solves problems until the solutions are within specifications to our customers’ full satisfaction.

Strong technology foundation

Technology is at the core of ELCON's market offering and the innovative application of this technology enables ELCON to deliver solutions that enable ship-owners and other customers to manage their solutions more effectively, increase opportunities and introduce new services.
ELCON's R&D team is focussed on the development of new cost saving solutions, as well as the enhancement of 
existing product ranges. The company has an ongoing commitment to research and development and employs highly skilled teams at its R&D centre in Copenhagen. The company has been highly successful in attracting and developing many of the Marine sectors’ brightest engineers.

Global sales and systems integration

ELCON has a broad global distribution and service capability through its own offices Denmark, and their Global service station network. This programme includes relationships with major technical organizations in the marine industry, enabling customers to benefit from the innovation and reliability of ELCON solutions. In addition, ELCON employs systems integration and support specialists who work closely with customers and partners, often on-site. These systemsengineers provide support for the design of complete television systems and communication solutions; project planning for the integration and line-up of systems; systems integration and configuration and end-to-end testing for system acceptance by the customer.

Industry leading customer base

ELCON's customers include major ship-owners, ship yards, and other fields and industries that use entertainment 
systems. The company has developed long-term relationships with many of its key customers built on its ability to deliver real business benefits and its reputation for reliability and service.

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