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VHF Antenna / Aerial System
150 - VHF Antenna / Aerial System
Delta 150 S with DSC is a great VHF Antenna / Aerial product. Manufactured by RR Electronics, who also make other types of products such as RR Yacht Electronics, Antenna For Sea Navigation, Celluar Mobile Phone Antenna, VHF Antenna Distribution Box, VHF Radio demi moore pokies Navtex Receiver Filter.

VHF Antennas range in size from 0.3m to 3m. The average size is 1.1m for a masthead whip antenna, 1.5m for a bracket deck mounted antenna and 2.4m for larger powerboats. Construction is normally of either fibreglass or stainless steel. The standard thread size of the antenna base is 1" or 25mm (i.e the same as a GPS antenna)

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